Chelsea #GlitterAdventures

Happy Monday Beauties,

Hope everyone is having a great start to the week. As you are reading this, I am chilling at the Beach and of course, blogging about it. 

Last Wednesday, My mom and I went in to New York City for a college tour (there will be a separate post about that) and afterward we explored the city. 

To be quite honest, I don't know whether to categorize this post as a OOTD or and Adventure Post. 

We explored most of Chelsea and the Pier. 

While we were walking around toward the Pier, there was a little jewelry shop that was going out of business and selling stuff for really cheap. I saw a pretty sterling silver ring and I just had to buy it. I like to think of it as my promise ring to New York. No matter where I go to college or end up in life, I must end up in NY (at least for a little while) because its my dream. And once that dream is fulfilled I will pass it on to someone else who had the same dream as me. I wear it always. Just as a constant reminder of my dreams and goals <3

Fun Fact: I actually almost broke my neck trying to get off of this thing lol

I love and miss my Mommy. If your reading this, thanks for spending an entire day with me in NY and taking bomb photos

Your the Bestestest

We ended an amazing day with Sherbet Ice Cream from Baskin Robins. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this adventure post. Watch them happen Live on my SnapChat

I'm still in New Jersey, New York area so if you would like me to explore a certain place, let me know

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Hello Beauties,

To close out the week I thought that I would do a little Instagram Recap. Keep in Mind some photos have been deleted off of my Instagram but most of them are still up there.

I Love Instagram. Its probably my favorite social media because I love pictures and I love seeing others pictures. I tend to change my theme a lot. Its usually Black and white during the winter but colorful during the other seasons.

All of these pictures are from my phone. I use filters like a crazy person lol. The apps I use are AfterLight, PicsArt, PicStitch, and SquareReady. Most of these mpicture are from the adeventures I went on this week.

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Hope you guys enjoyed. 

Until Next Time..........................................