New Coach Bag Review and Whats In My Bag

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Ellllllllo Everyone,

I'm probably over excited for today's post, but that's okay. Today I'm reviewing my new recent beauty, a Coach bag, and I might as well throw in a WIMB or for those who aren't familiar with the term it means a: What's In My Bag!!!

I love reading and watching videos about peoples purses, just out of pure curiosity. 

I have always been a fan of coach bags because I love the classic look of them and they always look great with everything. For Christmas 2012, I received my first coach bag that I had picked out myself, It was a big bag but It was beautiful and I carried it everywhere. Even 2 years later I still use it all the time but since I have been on-the-go a lot more, I needed a smaller sized bag that would be nice and easy to carry. This wasn't actually my first choice bag. My First Choice bag was the Bleeker Preston Satchel (Link). As you can see it is the same color bag but it was still just as big as my old one. My Aunt happened to work at the store and showed us some bags that were 75% off and were being moved to another store. The minute I saw this bag I loved it. The color seemed just right and the size was perfect. 

Color: Sea-Mist

The one thing that I really love about this bag is that it is not only a cross-body but the handles are sewn in place. I've always hated handles that flop to the side when using the long strap. It's also nice knowing that the straps are very sturdy. The one thing that i'm not a bid fan of though, is the outside flap. The design of the outside flap is just like the Celine Bag. It's kind of hard to put anything in or take anything out of the flap. 

The inside flaps however are really convenient and are just like any other Coach Bag. 

WIMB!!(Purse Essentials)

I always carry a lot of stuff with me when going out, no matter where I go, I like to be prepared. 

On the outside flap: 


Kate Spade Wallet  (link) (similar without big change Pocket)
Ipod Touch (link)
Head Phones
My Keys 
Lip Stick (current, changes everyday) 

Kiehls lip-balm
Face Powder

Not Shown:
Phone charger 

Hope you enjoyed my review and WIMB. Leave a comment for any requests. 

Mr Bedfort Regular
Mr Bedfort Regular

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