DIY Easy No-Sew Hair-Tie Bows

Friday, August 29, 2014

Hello Beauties,
As tradition For my Volleyball team we have BigSis/LilSis. Since I accessorizing is my thing, I thought I would make her a bow that matched out uniforms. After looking on pinterest, I saw that most DIY's required sewing and for some reason I could not find my sewing kit. So after playing around with some ribbon and a hair tie, I finally found a solution!! And it literally takes 5 minutes but it looks like it took more.

Hope you Enjoy......

All you need is one thick ribbon: Length depends on how big you want it. Mine was 1 foot.

Cut the ends in a triangle shape so that ends look clean and it doesn't fray.
(Tip: Add polish to the ends to prevent any fraying)

Cross the ribbon over eack other so that your making an X and the straight piece is on top.

Take your fingers and pinch the middle together. This may take a while depending on what you want it to look like. 
If all you want is a plain bow that just tie it in the back

If you want to add a hair tie than place the hair tie in between your pinched fingers where you are holding the fabric and pull the ribbon around it tying it together. This may take some assistance depending how good you are with your hands. Make sure you triple tie it if possible. If you want a more secure hold, add a little bit of hot glue or crazy glue. But make sure it's completely dry before you do!!!

Dun da da dun!!!!!!

I didn't want to give her just that so I also made her one for her back pack and put a key ring around it. 

I made one side short and one side long. And Added her name and number with a couple of little hearts. 
This is a great present to give to anyone who plays sports

Hope you enjoyed this little DIY. For any request on any Future DIY's leave a comment below

Until Next Time....

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KG Only Human Regular

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