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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hello Beauties,

So as summer is coming to a close :(  (I know, I'm upset too) . I thought I'd share my absolute favorite Lippie combos. Now these particular combos are my most worn ones in probably the last 6 months. Personally I'm a big lip person and I'm always wearing and trying out new lipsticks so these are great.

So my first favorite combo, is probably the craziest combination makeup lovers have ever seen. I've put a high end lipstick by YSL and a low end cheap lip pen by Elf together. But honestly, this is my absolute favorite combo. Since it is summer and I've required a bit of a tan, the Lipstick is a bit too bright for my skin tone so to dial it down I put the Elf lip pen on first and it makes it a little bit darker so it fits my skin tone. 

My next favorite lip combo is an ulta shine balm and the matching lipgloss. There so creamy. I find that the color doesnt run or cake up if you rub it into your lip. This is my goto if I need an easy nude lip. Plus the lipstick looks better with the lipgloss. 

These lippies aren't in any particular order but I would say this is my second favorite combo. The colors come out a bit rustic metallicy look but its so flattering with my skin tone. During the school year this was the number one lipcombo you would find in my lunch bag.  Funny story actually. I bought the lip liner first because i thought it was the cutest thing ever and I needed a certain amount to get a discount. About to weeks later, I purchased a red lipsticks that was too bright and somewhat resembles my YSL lipstick. So I went in to exchange and I was short on time so I quickly looked through the Nyx Lipsticks and saw it and thought it looked my shade so I grabbed it and when I got home I realized that they looked so much alike they are actually the same color but different names. LOL

This Lip combo looks similer to the last one but its not metallic in anyway. Its a cheap dollar tree lipstick but its actually a good quality, and the Nyx lip liner helps it stay. 

My last fav is another nude combo. The NYC lipstick and the Nars Lipgloss stick is a great combo. 

I hope you enjoyed my Lip combos. There will be two other post coming soon about lipsticks and one being a review. 

KG Only Human Regular
KG Only Human Regular

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