TooFaced Melted Review

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hello Beauties,

Once again, as promised, here is the last lip related post for now. This I am the most excited for because well I love trying out new things and reviewing them, it's just so much fun.

I heard about the Melted lipsticks and saw the posts on Instagram about them and thought the consept was pretty cool. Over the summer, I hung out with my sis, who I don't see very often and she always wore this beautiful lilac lipstick and even though it was light, it looked great on her, so I absolutly had to have it. A couple of the Sephoras I went to didn't have them in stock and of course I was upset but I just was determind to find it. Finally I saw them in a window display in the mall and grabbed it right away.

The picture makes the packaging look more pink even thought its Purple. All of the packaging resembles the color inside. 

To start of, I hate being a person that judges a book by its cover but the packaging was just so darn pretty!! I love that its a squeezy tube because not many people make things in squeezy tube form anymore, because lets face it..... Things can get pretty messy. The gold accenting is def toofaced lol. 

My fav part definitely has to be the applicator. I love that even when you squeeze it, it doesn't come running out really quickly so that you won' over do it. I also love that its in a brush form so that you can spread it evenly. I also love that you can rub it into your lips so that it stays longer. 

Overall the payoff and pigmentation is amazing, I do wish they would make darker colors but I'm def gonna be buying more lol. 

Comment below your favorite toofaced product and let me know what else you would like to see. Until Next time. 

KG Only Human Regular
KG Only Human Regular

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