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Monday, August 18, 2014

Hello Beauties,

So as promised in my last post, here is another lipstick related post. These are my absolute favorite lipsticks EVER!! 

Like Besides the lip combos, when I need to throw lipsticks in my purse and go there's are the ones I reach for. In one of my makeup containers that holds my immediate everyday products there are only 5 slots and these are the ones that live there. Like these are my mains. LOL 

So before we get into it, i'm gonna warn you that most of them are purples and only one of them is pink lol. Im really into purple and for the past year I've been searching for that perfect purple shade because it looks so flattering on me. So without further-ado lets get into it......

My first favorite is the maybelline color whisper in Plum Prospect. It is the perfect purple sheen color. For a sheen it actually comes up really well. 

This is definitely my number two fav lipstick ever. Its the NYC in Mahogany. Its amazing. For a drugstore product its so pigmented and moisturizing. I absolutely love it, its my baby. 

This is my number 1 favorite. I've only found it a couple of weeks ago but it is the perfect purple color. Its the Revlon Colorburst matte balm in shameless.

This is my only Pink favorite Lipstick and it's not even really a lipstick its a balm but that's ok. Its the Clique chunny stick in Plushest Punch.  It's got great pigmentation and is extremely moisturizing.

My last fav is this Purple color from ulta. When I bought it, there where no samples or any you could barely see into the packaging because the lighting was terrible in the store but I bought it anyways lol. 

Hope you enjoyed this post. If you did leave a comment and let me know. I have one more Lipstick related blog post left that should be coming soon. So get ready. 

KG Only Human Regular
KG Only Human Regular

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