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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hey Beauties,

This is just a short and sweet outfit of the day. This outfit was last week and unfortunately it was the day after I dropped my phone in the toilet.
Long story short: Never Leave Your Phone In Your Back Pocket..... It is NOT safe.

Anyways, I had a game this day so I didn't have time to take any pictures so I had my friend just take one. I awkwardly asked her to email it to me without telling her about my blog. Yea... I know. Anyways this is definitely one of my absolute favorite outfits ever!!! I say that about most of my clothes but this time I really mean it.

The top is actually a dress... Plot twist right?? Yea I just loved the style and the cut in the back so I went with that. The main problem, The dress was too short. Like extremely short, and I was going to school... So that wasn't happening. I forgot about this cute skirt that I bought for only $6 at forever 21 (Sale). The skirt was still too short so I put my famous black skirt underneath it so it would be in school regulations. I topped it with a ballet bun sine I was feeling the ballet vibe and my favorite headband. I paired it with Moto boots to keep it edgy.

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Until Next Time..................

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