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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hello Beauties,

Since this is the season for giving, the biggest way to give and get is through secret Santa. I don't know if any other countries do this but It is basically when a group of people put their names in a hat a draw different peoples names to give gifts to. That way you don't have to give gifts for everyone. 

I personally love secret Santa because I always try to find new ways to give stuff. 

My secret Santa personally likes hot chocolate, so I thought I would make her Hot Chocolate in a jar. 


2-4 Powdered Hot Chocolate Mix
Chocolate Chips
Crushes peppermints
Mason Jars

First I took some candy canes (I left some for the gift bag) and put them in a zip lock bag. I then crushed them so that they were in super super small pieces. I then put the bag in another bag so that the peppermint wouldn't fall through 

As you can see I totally screwed up the first one lol. 

 What no one tells you is that You can only put the powder on the bottom because it runs through. 

First I put two packets of the powder on the Bottom of the jar. I then put marshmallows on top so that it covers the chocolate and then some. 

The put some chocolate ships on top of that. Repeat those steps and The top it off with some yummy peppermint. 

IN the bag I added two straws, a candy cane and I covered it in butterscotch, because thats my signature when I give presents. 

Hope you guys liked this. Check out my Giveaway.

Only 8 Days Until Christmas........................................

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  1. Looks so yummy. xx

  2. Secret santa is such a good idea! This present is so unique and personalized, I'm sure they'll absolutely love it xxx


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