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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hello Beauties,

Now that the holidays are almost over, The next things on girls minds are prom. Unfortunately because I am a junior I am not able to attend prom, because unless your asked you can't go. I hate that rule but it makes the thought of prom sound more fun, because those who attend it more than once don't have the same excitement as the first time.

This is actually a great site to get prom dresses from because the have a huge variety.

I am personally more of a simple girl and will only have one color dress but There are other dresses that I absolutely love.

I am more of a short dress type of girl because when I go to dances and parties, I dance allllllll night. I mean like from start to finish. Especially if the music is great.

Here are my tops picks of dresses form their site.

I love a great white dress, its not a traditional prom dress color but it definitely stands out a lot. I love the jewels on the dresses because they just look so great and fun. My favorite out of this bunch is the first one because its short and beautiful with the gold embellishment. I like how the shoulders are covered so that you aren't worried about your dress falling all night.

Pink is such a fun color for prom, it is also a super common color to wear because its so girly. I love these pink dresses because, well look at them they range from super fun to super elegant. My favorite out of this bunch is the last one because it is so elegant and formal. The embellishmet looks beautiful especially eith the hair to the side.

Reds are such a great color to wear especially if you want to look on the sexy side and stop traffic lol. I've always loved a cute red dress, because come on, who doesn't. My favorite is the last one because its so classy to me. The off the shoulder look is just so much and and cool.

I LOVE BLACK. Lets just start off with that. Right nw, black its just a great color and the only color I really love waering. These dresses are just great for people who love black and have different type of taste. My favorite is the first one because its fun, and sexy and soooo adorable. I absolutely love the dress so much.

Last but not least is blue. Blue is such a beautiful color. Because there are so many tones of blue that give off so many different vibes. I really can't decide between the second one and the last one. I love the collar and the flow of the the last one but the second one's body just looks so beautiful.

Make Sure you visit their site!!!

I hope you guys liked this post. This post is sponsored but all thoughts are my own.

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  1. You can tell your style is amazing. I love all of these dresses they are beautiful xxx


  2. ☆:*´¨`*:.☆(¯`*•.¸,¤°´Merry Christmas`°¤,¸.•*´¯)☆:*´¨`**:.☆



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