Skin Food Review ||| Blogmas Day: 18 || 2014

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hello Beauties, 

SkinFood was super kind enough to send me samples of there items. Let just start off by telling you, all truth no lie that this stuff is actually amazing lol. 

Cleans All- OMG it smells so freaking yummy. Like the first time I opened it, I just wanted to smell it forever. It just smells so fresh and fruity and yummy. It really cleans your skina dn leaves it soft. Unlike most, it doesn't leave you skin dry. 

Exfoliating Scrubs- This has like these small natural exfoliates. it smells amazeballs lol. I love how soft it makes your skin feel. 

Spf 15 Moisturiser-  I pu this on after I used the cleanser. First it smells soooo yummy and it doesn't feel heavy when you put it on. You also don't have to use to much. 

Body Butter- Holy crapola, I'm black and I get ashy really quick so this stuff is like heaven because it moisturises my skin soooo well. 

Mud Masque- Makes my skin feel great afterward. I am definitely loving it more than any other mud masks that I have tried. 

Overall I really Love these products and I am not lying. When The holidays are over and I actually have money lol, I will be purchasing something lol.

Hope you guys enjoy. Theres still time to enter my giveaway

Only 7 Days Until Chistmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Nice post. Good collection of skin products.

  2. These look like really good products! I like things like this :)

    x vonyll


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