New Year, Better You

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Hello Beauties,

Hope everyone had a great holiday!!! I know I did.

I decided to take a little break from blogging to recover from my travels and blogmas. Blogmas went really well for any of you wondering. I loved doing it. It was hard especially when I traveled and lost focus but other than that I got a great Response.

I am definitely excited to announce that the winner of my first blog giveaway is.....

Congrats to you and thank you to anyone who entered.... Keep a look out for any future giveaways. I think I will be doing it different next time and not be using Raffle Copter. 

This year definitely feels different. It still doesn't feel like January but that's ok. We'll get used to it soon enough. 

Moving on.,...............

Most people I know made resloutions this year..... I didn't. 

I made GOALS. 

For me goals are so much better. Because you can make them short term or long term and there is no limit, such as the end of the year. I love goals because it gives me somethimg to look forward to and I always try to reward myself after I have fully completed the goal. At the same time, goals are something I definitely struggle with because I am a huge Procrastinator. Like HUGE. I don't know why, but I never have enough self motivation to complete something. But that is going to change this year. 

So without Further-ado Here are My goals for 2015.....................


I want to be healthy in general. Not just eating but exercise wise. Most people put excising as there resolution because honestly we all want to be in shape. We want to be healthy and look great, but its hard for people when you don't have motivation. For me, my motivation is my mom. She has just run her first 5K and she is planning on running a lot more and I want to run along side her so that is not only a goal but what I am looking forward to doing with my mom since this is my last year at home. 


Point Blank. Mostly because the people I go to school with are so childish, I don't want to deal with them. Sooooo my goal is to make it through this year without killing anyone. JK (kind of) 
My goal is to really focus on my future and where I am going to be in two years. I only have a year until I graduate (I am graduating in January) so I really need to focus and get myself together. 
The Procrastination needs to stop. 


My goal every year has always been the same. 
Be A Better Me. 
I am really myself right now. I'm not following anyone or trying to be something I am not. I am more independent that I have been in a long time. I am still working on some kinks but other than that, I just really want to be happy. 


This blog is really exceeding my expectations since I started it in march. I feel as if everything I wanted it to be is coming true. The readers are extra special and the feedback is phenomenal. Thank you so much. I will definitely be doing more OOTD's because I am more comfortable with my outfit choices to show you guys. I will be trying my best to upload as I usually do, on time and answer any questions you have. I have been doing sponsored post more, but I only do them if I am comfortable with them and if they go with my blog somehow.

I hope you enjoyed. Leave a comment down below telling me some of your goals for 2015. Thanks to everyone who has read this whole thing, and if you have leave the comment (monkey buns) down below to confuse people.I love you lots and hoped you had a happy New Year. 

Until Next Time.........................................................

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  1. Good lucking with reaching all your goas!

    x Karen

  2. More OOTD's sounds great! I love outfit posts :)


  3. Good luck in your goals. I'm eager to hear how you progress with running with your mum and hope you do some updates?

    Corinne x

  4. will cross my fingers for you!
    Happy New Year!

  5. Thats so sweet what you said about running a long side your mom. Great goals! (:

  6. Monkey Buns lol! Good luck with your goals xxx

    1. haha thanks so much for readin the whole thing lol

  7. Good luck with all of your goals! Happy new year!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  8. I'm not really one for making New Year's resolutions but I agree with setting out goals. Good luck with achieving yours hun :) X


  9. Have an amazing, happy new year!

  10. What a lovely post, Tyana. Good luck with your goals, honey.
    Happy New Year

  11. Great post! kisses!

  12. This is a great post! I especially like your goal about school! Very funny :)

    Check out my blog if you like
    Alice xx

  13. Oh and btw... monkey buns. :)
    Alice xx

  14. Wonderful post and it is such an inspiration. I really like the way you explain why you made goals instead of resolutions. And your goals are great. I wish you all the best to reach them all ♥
    Kisses, Sarah


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