What I got for Christmas 2014

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Hello Beauties, 

So before anyone says anything, I know that this is late lol. I have been so busy catching up on school work and getting my life together lol. 

So I just want to start off by  saying that I appreciate everything I got for Christmas. It was amazing. Some things I was expecting and something totally surprised me. So in comparison to my Christmas list I got a lot of stuff that was on my list. 

First Thing On My List That I Got Was:

Kate Spade Stationary Set. 
---OMG I was so surprised. I love writing letters to people because they are wayy more heartfelt and makes you feel more special than just sending a text. These are awesome because not only are they my blog colors, but that Have T's on them!!!
With those, my mom included matching sets that are gold blue and/or white. They are super cute and I love them!!!

The Lush Celebrate with Gold Set. 
--- I actually did not expect to get this because my family doesn't live near a lush so It was just a thought but I love it and I can't wait to use it. It comes with a bath bomb, fun and some body lotion. Thank you to my sister who got it for me (btw she didn't even see my list she guessed and got it right.)

Flash Tattoos
--- Flash tattoos became really popular after Coachella this past year and everyone had to get some. They were really rare to find and few people sold them. I hope to be going to some festivals and carnivals so this will definitely come in handy. 

Brush Set
--- The brushes I got were from Sonia Krushak, they weren't the brushes I asked for but they are just as great. They are so freaking soft. I love using them and I have already used them a couple of times and they are amazing. 

IPad Mini
--- Ok so this was definitely the biggest present I got because well, its an IPad. At first I wanted the big Ipad but then I saw that the mini was better because It was easier to travel with and take with me on the go. Plus it fits in my purse. since the ipad didn't come in gold I got white because it looks awesome and is so cool. I love it. 

Now For the things that weren't on my list

Nail Polish
--- I loooooove nail polish. I definitely needed more because my sister has the tendancy to use mine and not close the top all the way so it dries out or some disappear. It has some beautiful colors that I will def use!!

Phone Cord
--- Phone cords are amazing. They are always disappearing and they are the best things to get because they are a necessity. 

White Old Navy Jacket
---I love this jacket,l Like so much. Its warm and so comfortable. It looks like a knockoff of a Northface but its still awesome. The color is perfect as well because The colors I mainly wear now are White and Black. 

Bath & Body Works Stuff
--- Bath and Body works have the best stuff to give as presents. They always smell great and amazing. Besides Vanilla Rum, Warm Vanilla Sugar is my other top favorite. It smells so great and its perfect for any season. 

Makeup Brush Holder
--- I own a lot of brushes, so this is definitely an essential. I divide my brushes by type (comment below if you want me to show you how I organize my makeup stuff) so The more containers I can get, the better. 

--- My uncle gave me a book on Malcolm X and I am actually interesting in reading it. He also included a little something inside :) so thank you. 

--- I got a lot of gift Cards this year which is just as great as a present. 

--- My cousins are the best, they gave me princeton sweatpants. They are not only comfortable but super cute!! I love them and they are the best. My cousin actually plays Basketball for Princeton so that's awesome. 

I hope you guys enjoyed. I really appreciate everything I got this year. Thank you so much. 
Leave a comment Below Telling me somethings you got. 

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Until Next Time.................................................


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  1. Great post! I would love to know what you think of the ELF nail polishes :)


  2. Loved the nail colors. xx

  3. Love the nail colors, pretty!

    Lovely things!


  4. Lovely post:)

    Paige x

  5. Santa was good to you! I'm obsessed with flash tattoos!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  6. It sounds like you had a lovely Christmas :) I love the fact that you enjoy writing letters to people as it's so much more personal X


  7. love everything! great photos :D

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (http://missbeatrix.com)

  8. love everything! great photos :D

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (http://missbeatrix.com)

  9. Looks like you had a great christmas! Fab blog post!


  10. I herad so many exciting things about Flash Tattoos and they look so pretty.
    I am curious to try some if I can put my hands on some :)
    and I love the idea of the letters ;)

  11. Sounds like you got some amazing presents! I like the look of the nail polishes! x x


  12. loving those flash tattoos! I'm seeing them everywhere on Instagram :)

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