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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hey Beauties,

Today was a super relax and chill day. I didn't really take any pictures today unfortunately because looking back I really wish that I had.

I woke up kind of sad because It was so close to the end of the program and I honestly never wanted it to end. Thinking "Oh My Gawd, tomorrows my last full day." Yea, not a great thought to wake up to but anyways......................

For The morning class we went to Givaudan. Basically, All of the designer perfumes that you see walking through Nordstrom's or Macy's,or if you lucky, Saks Fifth Avenue; are most likely make through Givaudan.
When a designer or individual, like a singer or actress (or in Kim Kardashian case "Famous Person") wants a perfume they usually go though Givaudan to get it. Givaudan has in house scientist that comes up with the type of perfume that that person or company is looking for. Once they find the formula they then send it to another distributor and they make super duper big pots of it that gets sent to the company and then they put it in the designer bottles.

Of course then I had a  sort of Revelation:

When you think about it, all of the perfumes, whether designer or not, all come from the same place. So whether your paying $10 for a perfume or $150 it was made by the same person and distributed by the same person, so your basically paying for the brand name. It happens with a lot of different things in the fashion world. But when it comes down to it, people would rather say "My perfumes from Armani" rather than my Perfumes from " Forever 21".

Get what I'm saying??

Not only do they create Perfumes, but everyday items as well. Like the smell for toothpaste (because it automatically doesn't smell like that) or laundry detergent. (personally I love the smell of laundry detergent).

After we went to lunch at this place called dishes, which was soooooo yummy. Its basically like a buffet and you pay by the ounce. It really wasn't that expensive at all. I really got a lot for just $6. The best thing they had was the Asian chicken salad and their bread.

During class, we sat down and went through all of our inspiration photos that we found on and we put them together to try and create a look with our clothes. After that we went to Forever 21 and H&M to find some of the pieces that we wanted because none of our clothes were really what we wanted in our look. The fashion Shoot was the next day and we had to get everything ready.

I actually take it back that we had a pretty chill day because now that I think about it, it ended on a really freaking crazy note. lol

So my friend Camryn Texted me and asked if I wanted to hang out in SOHO and of course I was like yea. Why not?? It was going to be just her and I which was ok. She only had one morning class, so I had to run back to the dorm to make sure that I had time to charge my phone. Our other friend was going to meet us but we couldn't find her in time and she wasn't answering our call so we just left.

When we got to SOHO we started shopping around, she went to lucky (which isn't really my style so I just sat down in the really comfy chair and check Instagram (follow me After that we shopped around and went to And Other Stories. I'm gonna do a haul soon so don't worry you'll see it.  I got this super cute Romper, Necklace and Nude Nail Polish. Afterwards it started drizzling so we went to forever 21 because the line wasn't really that long and they had a buy one get one free sale going on.  I got a super cute purse (that I really didn't need) a navy blue blazer that I actually really did need and a some tights because my obsession with tights is actually so sad. The store had an ok selection but most of it was picked through because so the sale had been going on for a while.

Once we were don't there. We went to this super cute little Italian place. There were no seats available so we had to sit at the bar which was actually pretty fun because the bartender was really hot lol. Anyways, we just talked and had a great time. The food was freaking amazing, I will definitely be going back there soon.

This is where it gets crazy. Once we got out of the restaurant, we realized it was raining. We were running for our lives to the closest train station. Once we got there and jumped on the train, I looked down and realized that the bag that And Other Stories had given us was paper and the bottom broke and EVERYTHING was gone. I wanted to cry so freaking badly. I started cursing liek a crazy person and yelling. By the time we made it to the next stop, I made Camryn jump off and go back to the store with me. When we explained everything to the lady, I remember that when I was checking out the lady in front of me was returning something and the cashier used the bag she returned stuff with to give me my stuff (the bag was in pretty bad shape, no lie). The manager was so kind and went on my card to see what I had purchased and to see what I was missing. She then went back and got everything for me and let me take it all home. When I said thank you she said," of course, shit happens."

Its people like this who can really understand and are just so freaking kind you don't know what to do with yourself.

When I look back at it, the night made total sense. My way of thinking has always been: if something good happens then something bad is about to happen and if something bad happens, something good id about to happen. For me, this has proven to be true many many many times. I can't tell you what happens next because that is for tomorrows edition. But if you want a sneak peak then head to my Instagram ( and comment on the video/picture saying Pickle Juice.

I just want to give a big shout out to Camryn for being one of the most amazing people that I have ever met at the program. She was so sweet and kind and so freaking hilarious. We had such a great time that night and the next day even though all that bad stuff happened. I will miss her so much and will definitely be seeing her again in the future. love ya Cam xoxo

Hope you guys enjoyed this.

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Until Next Time................................................................

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  1. Okay I really loved this!! You can honestly tell that you've learned so much from this experience :D You kind of already sound like your in the business ;) haha. It's so sad to see that it's come to an end :( Do you think you'll be going again next summer? or is it only a one time thing where you can only take the classes once.



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