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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hey Babes,

Hope everyone is having a great day. I chose to wear this outfit because here in the small town that I live in being different and standing out is not OK. Here everyone wears the same thing like Jack Rogers, Berkin Stocks, Bean Boots, Vineyard Vines, Patagonia etc. I mean yeah some of  the things are cute, buts its not different and out there. If you guys know I like to be bold with what I'm wearing. And being bold is ok, so people can notice you  and they can be like hot damn.

On Me
Everything: Forever 21

(This post was written by my friend Jordan as a test to see if he would be able to be a future author on the blog)

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Until Next Time..........................................................

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  1. Love all black outfit! LBD is always on top! Make up is gorgeous!
    Make a tour for great dresses on Talis.ro


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