18th Birthday || Blogmas Day: 1 || 2015

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Hey Babes,

So your probably thinking..... Tyana are you really going to commit to doing blogmas this year??? My answer is that I will try my best. I really enjoyed blogmas last year and had so much fun getting to know new people and expanding my blog. 

*** Just a side Note: For those of you who do not know what Blogmas is.... Basically you upload everyday until Christmas, like a count down. Some posts are Christmas themed and some are not. Even if you haven't started Blogmas yet, its still not too late.***

Today has been a great day so far, I got accepted into my first college, Its my birthday and its the first day of blogmas <3

I do have a lot on my plate, it being my senior year in high school in all, but I will make it work as best as possible. 

As always I would like to start off Blogmas by saying,"IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!"

18 is such a big year because you're legal, but when you think about it, you really can't do anything because your most likely still living with your parents and if your parents are anything like mine, there's rules. But nonetheless, I still manages to make it to my 18 birthday and that feels amazing. I will of course post my BDAY outfit later of course but please expect a lot of Bling and a lot of slaying. 

I don't have shame when it comes to my outfits, so I will literally be walking around school with a crown on the entire day. 

Looking back on last years post, I listed my biggest accomplishment. I would like to say its my blog, but honestly, its that I have finally figured out who I am and who I want to be. I now know what I want out of life and I am ready to accomplish my dreams. I have put myself out there more and have somehow kept up with most of my responsibilities. I am so proud of myself and the women I have become. I can't wait to see what the future has for me. 

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Leave any requests for Blogmas posts you would like me to do. 

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Stay Gold

Until Next Time.........................................................

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