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Friday, January 29, 2016

Hey Babes,

So, I know long time, no see. Senior year has seriously been kicking my butt and as much as I wanted to be blogging, I literally had no time. But My schedule is slowly clearing now I am going to try and make as much time for blogging as possible.

This month Last year I was in desperate need of money lol. I was trying to think of a million different ways to come up with easy-get-rich-quick schemes, but of course all of them failed.

The one thing that did work was Poshmark. It has been one of the best things ever. Basically, all you have to do is take a picture of your clothes, put up some details about it and post it. You must be patient though because it will take time for your clothes to sell.

So far I have been accepted to 3 colleges, basically meaning that no matter where I go, I will have to really Down size because My closet and drawers are full to the brim.

(This was the after picture)

There were so many clothes that I was like, " well I'll wear that in the future." But then I had to stop myself and say," If you didn't wear it before, you aren't going to wear it now."

I haven't gotten rid of any shoes but I have to get the courage up to do that as well.

I honestly encourage you all to sell your clothes online because Its super easy and quick.
The hardest part if probably finding the boxes to ship the clothes in.

If You would like to shop my closet, here is the link

Within the last year I have earned $196 from selling my clothes online.

If you use the code: BOAVJ to get a free $10 when you sign up.

I can't wait to take you al on my college Journey. There are so many posts that I have planned.
Thank you so much for all your patience as I get back into the groove of things.

Stay Gold

Until Next Time......................................

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