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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Hey Babes

Hope all is well. For me, this week has been pretty fun and relaxed. Of course, that's only going to last until Friday, because it's straight chaos from there. I have so much going on but me, being me, I'm not complaining. I LOVE being busy. I much prefer it to being bored and having nothing to do.

Today's post is about an online site that contacted me called BANGGOOD.COM  to see what they have and make a wishlist. Usually, I say no, but this site had a lot of great beauty stuff for pretty cheap. I love flash sales and things like that because, well, I'm broke and a college student. And anything cheap, definitely draws my attention.

8 Colors Long Lasting Matte Velvet Lipstick Waterproof Lip Gloss Vampire Style

I chose this first product because I love black lipstick but I don't own any. I usually just use a back liner all over my lips but I thought that this would be fun to try out.

10 Pairs Black Handmade False Eyelashes Cluster Natural Long Eye Lashes

I chose this next item because I have always had a problem putting on false lashes and I thought that it would be a good idea to give it another try. I love the look of false lashes because they give your face such a great look. I have really curly lashes in general, but I like the idea of them being more full. 

7 Colors Makeup Brushes Silicone Cosmetic Brush Cleaning Tool
7 Colors Makeup Brushes Silicone Cosmetic Brush Cleaning Tool
Unlike most people, I absolutely love washing my makeup brushes. I just find it so relaxing, the best part it using the new brushes again. Using clea brushes, is just a good feeling in general. Usually when I am washing my brushes I use my hands to clean them, but I though that it would be a better idea to get something that wouldbe easier and better to use. They have so many colors and I just love it. 

20Pcs Professional Makeup Brush Cosmetic Synthetic Hair Brushes Kit Set

20Pcs Professional Makeup Brush Cosmetic Synthetic Hair Brushes Kit Set

I love makeup brushes, and I honestly don't need anymore but I couldn't help myself. Eye brushes are always a must for me because I love wearing different colored makeup and hate mixing up the brushes. I have had too many occurrences where I use a dark color eyeshadow on a darker brush and then I go to use a lighter color another day and mess up my whole look. This set if so beneficial because there is so many and it ends up being really cheap. 

Makeup Foundation Applicator Sponge Puff Blender Flawless Smooth Beauty Tool

In all honestly, I have never used a beauty blender. I have always wanted to but I never saw the point in buying it because I was so dedicated to my regualr face brush. But after searching this site, I realized that maybe it was time to give it a try. I have heard so many great reviews about them and know that you can actually end up using less foundation because they are so beneficial. 

Professional Eyeliner Brush Eye Brow Brushes Pen Cosmetic Tool

Professional Eyeliner Brush Eye Brow Brushes Pen Cosmetic Tool

Eyeliner is my best friend. I absolutely love it. I have gotten so good with my wing I could probably do it blindfolded (Haha jk, I would look a hot mess.) 

I actually really like this site and everything that it has to offer. The beauty stuff is definitely my fav and can't wait to try it. 

Leave a comment down below telling me what your favorite thing on the site is.

Hope you all enjoyed this post. 

Stay Gold

Until Next Time...................................................


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  1. Yes, you have a huge list of desired purchases. The most interesting is the fact that I like and you like to use these sponges and brushes

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