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Monday, August 08, 2016

Hey Babes,

So in the past couple of weeks I had two different friends come into the city. The first was because she was attending the same summer college program I attended at LIM, and the second was because he was doing a road-trip with friends and he wanted to see the city. When I left North Carolina, I made it a point to let everyone know that if they ever visited the city, they HAD to visit me. Or at least say hi. 

The first friend that came, I had known since the second grade. Us being military brats, we moved around and lost contact over the years. It was great being able to catch up with her and talk about everything that has gone on in our lives.
Personally, my favorite part of New York is Downtown. It might be the chillax vibe, or the fact that there are never any tourist there, or maybe because it was the first place in New York that I visited that I can remember. I knew I had to take her there and when she asked me where we should eat, I immediately thought of Sammy's Noodle Shop and Grill. First of all, they have really good food, for a lower price than most places, and they give you a large quantity.  Plus they have great customer service and everyone is always so nice and welcoming.
Afterwards, we decided to just walk around. My friend has a pretty dope Instagram with really nice pictures so I figured I would take her to Washington Square Park. This park is absolutely my favorite. It's always so fun and lively and something is always going on. One time when I went, people were giving out free pizza!! This time of course, there were bands playing, someone chalk drawing on the ground, a dance group attracting attention, and of course people swimming in the fountain (something I would not recommend.) Afterwards, I took her to my absolute favorite dessert place Rocco's. They also have great customer service and their desserts is so freaking good!!! Once we were finished I walked her back to her train, so she wouldn't get lost and I took a Lyft back to PennStation. 

My next friend, Jordan, was travelling with friends when they decided to come to the city. The last time I saw Jordan was graduation day and it was nice seeing a familiar face in the city. Him and his friends decided to drive in, which is never a good idea. I'm not bashing them or anything, but there are tons of other ways to come into the city without spending an arm and a leg on tolls, and parking costs. But no matter, they were still able to find their way around the city without issue. Of course that was the day that it decided to rain like cats and dogs. Honestly, it was so terrible and my umbrella was crap, so that didn't help. He asked where we should meet up and me being me, I decided somewhere in Downtown. Figuring out where to eat was a little tricking considering I don't really eat dinner in New York often and when I do, its either hot dogs or Chinese food. Healthy right?? When thinking about super yummy restaurants, I had to think about other times I went out to dinner with people and where we went. One of the places I couldn't remember because my friend and I stumbled upon it last summer. After searching through my card history, I finally found the restaurant. After thinking of another, I gave him two options, Delicatesson or Galli's . Both of which were in Soho. He ended up choosing Galli's which I was so happy about because from what I could remember, their pasta was to die for. The place is still as nice as I remember and you can get a decent meal for under $20, which is unheard of in Soho.
After we walked around Soho, as it has stopped raining and checked out all the nice overly expensive stores. Jordan wanted to go to dash and I couldn't say no. They had everything I wanted and nothing I could afford. But the experience and pictures were still nice. Afterward, we walked to the subway, catching the C train back to Penn-station, where we parted ways.

Seeing both friends was honestly so great. I personally don't plan on going back to North Carolina anytime soon, but I still miss my friends. Being able to show them the city that I love was also so fun. If you are a friend, or even a stranger, don't ever hesitate to ask me questions about different things in New York. I love sharing about the city with people. But if you're a friend reading this, you better come visit haha.

Hope you all enjoyed this post.

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“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.” – Anais Nin

Stay Gold

Until Next Time.......................................................

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