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Friday, September 30, 2016

Hey Babes,

New York Fashion Week has always been one of those things that I’ve dreamed about. It seemed like the most crazy beautiful thing in the world that everyone wants to be apart of. Boy, was I wrong.

One of the best things about FIT, is that they communicate with different PR companies and designers to give students the opportunity to volunteer. We freshman had a chance for early signups during orientation. Or course, it's competitive as hell so people slept overnight in the center; I didn't think all of that was necessary. I knew it would take awhile for everyone to go through, but getting there at 10AM and then not leaving until 2:45PM was a little excessive.

The first show wasn't what I was expecting. It was a "fashion gallery." When I first heard the term, I thought it would be a fashion version of an art gallery but I was completely wrong. My first hint was that the call time was 9AM to 11PM. I honestly thought this was a typo! I mean, shows are known for being really early or really late, but never both and not all day. Waking up  was a struggle, and then making sure that I was dressed appropriately was my priority. I had to be wearing all black, my hands had to be free, I couldn't wear any jewelry, and I had to look professional. All of these things are pretty much doable, except the hands-free part. I have a small card holder on the back of my phone, so I was able to put my card, my ID, and some cash in there. I still needed my key, so just hid it under my dress, on my lanyard. If needed, I would just throw my phone in my bra.

From the moment I got there, it was hectic. There were four shows throughout the day. Two were private (meaning only one featured designer) and two were public. If we weren't doing gift bags, we were running around helping in anyway that we could. Of course, I had the luck of working with children. And while I usually don't mind, they were a bigger handful than what I could've imagined. Once we were done with them, we finally got a 30 min break. Let me remind you that we were working 14hrs plus and the only thing we were offered was a 30 min break. How fun, right??

After the break ended, we were thrown into a room with more kids and then had to keep them busy for a couple of hours. Finally they went on, and it began to die down a little. Many volunteers left, so the rest of us had to take care of the cleanup and preparation for the next show.

When I say the next show was beyond hectic and stressful, I am not joking. It was to the point to where the models were getting annoyed because they were standing around in the room 20 minutes before the show butt-naked because the designer could not decide what she wanted each person to wear! The show was a success, which was amazing and surprisingly we got to watch it. Being there in person was so much fun. The dresses were gorgeous and there was nothing that could be hated.

After volunteering that Sunday, I was kind of worn out but I still wanted to be a part of another show. This one was different because It was a high end designer that many people know. The whole process was fairly easy, the only difference was that we had to get interviewed. It was more of an informal interview because the PR firm just wanted to know what kind of students they were dealing with. This time, I did check in. It was really fun because I became friends with the people I was with and we ended up checking in a couple of famous people. When it came time for the show, we were allowed to watch. I have never been more mesmerized by fashion! The show was beautiful, the music was beautiful, the clothing was beautiful. It was so much to take in, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The biggest question I have is: will I do fashion week again?? The answer is yes. It may be a lot, but that is how it will always be. Its great experience and having it on your resume is never a bad idea. When it's time for spring signups, I’ll be better prepared for what's expected but until then, I'll sit back, relax and enjoy the clothing from my Instagram feed.

Hope you enjoyed this post.
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