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Monday, January 23, 2017

Hey Babes,

It’s January 23th and I am just now making a new year’s resolution. I know, it’s sad but better late than never. Every year I attempt to make a New Year’s resolution, whether it’s to work out (which lasts 3 days) or to learn something new but never have I ever kept up with it. Life and distractions get in the way and/or I just lose the motivation. But this year I feel different. I’m not going to set any unrealistic goals (so working out is out of the question).

That being said: My New Year’s resolution is to be the most authentic and honest version of myself. That may not make any sense, but in my case, it does. In the past I have held myself back, whether it be my thoughts or feelings because I was afraid of the outcome. I was afraid that it would affect some friendships/relationships and change people’s view of me. But I must remember that it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of me and only of what I think of myself.

My other New Year’s resolution is to procrastinate less. I’m not going to count it out completely (considering I’ve procrastinated since the 1st grade (sad. I know)) but I am going to take some steps and learn some techniques to do it less.

My next New Year’s resolution is to travel and be more adventurous. Whether it be in my own city, or out in the world. I feel like there is so much more for me to see and do and I am ready for the challenge.

My third and last is to attempt to learn a new Language. I know, that may seem unrealistic but I started at the end of last year to try and learn some new words in other languages. I emphasize attempt because something I don’t even think I speak English well so……

Yea, those are my New Year’s resolutions. I want to try my hardest this year especially since I can work these things into my daily life.

Hope you enjoyed this post...

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  1. I love your resolution. That's the best one I''ve heard all year. Also, it's way better than working out haha!

    xo, Ali

  2. Amazing picture, please keep sharing dear!


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