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Monday, January 09, 2017

Hey Babes,

Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday!!! I was lucky enough to go to Orlando for Christmas and we honestly had the best time. We went to a couple of disney parks, and Universal Studios. While we were at DisneyWorld and Universal Studios, we learned a whole bunch of tips and tricks that can help you the next time you go. My mom and I brainstormed a list of everything that we wished we did, or what we did that saved us in the end. 

Read the Ticket before you get to the Door
we didn’t and ended up having Will-Call tickets that required us to go to a kiosk to print 
out our actual ticket. Not that big of a deal but it will save you time.

Download the DisneyWorld App
it’s the only way to schedule your fast passes and see the wait times for all of your favorite rides. 
Schedule your fast passes as far in Advance as possible
All disney fast-passes are free, you just have to go on the app and pick your times. You only get three fast-passes a day. 
With each fast-pass, you have to pick a time slot in which you want to pick the pass. Once you pick your time, you have 
up to 1 hour to use it. Fast-Passes also include meeting the princesses and work at all 4 Disney parks. 
You do have to pay extra for fast-passes at Universal Studios, but if you're a rollercoaster junkie it is definitely worth it. 

Just go with General Parking
its cheaper and you’ll shill have to take a tram to and from your car   

Bring a sweatshirt or jacket 
This might not apply in the summer months, but it was much cooler in the 
evening, and my sweatshirt became my best-friend. 

Backpacks are better than purses
It was more comfortable because the weight is even on your shoulders. Also if you love buying trinkets and boobles, it is great to have a study bag to stuff it in instead of the plastic bags they give you. 

Buy the souvenir popcorn bucket
not only is it cute, but its $10 and you can refill it as many times as you like for only $1.50. So if you really like popcorn, then this is probably your best option. Especially when popcorn is expensive. 

Go to Epcot (my post about it here)
Trust me, just go. You won’t regret it.
Make a plan 
The parks are big and some areas might take longer than others especially depending on how old you are and your preference. Even though your plan might not happen how you want, its still a good idea to make one. 

Bring your own water and snacks.
Water is fudging expensive. So bring your own and at least two bottles. Also bring your own snacks. I brought granola bars and they help me over in between meals. 
If you want to see the fireworks, get there early
Not super early, but 30 mins will do. The fire work show is amazing and you should definitely go see it. We stood in the middle and it was the perfect spot. 
Be prepared for irritable moms and crazy children trying to leave the park after the fireworks. Patience grass-hopper, you're going to need it. 

 If you like rides more than fireworks….
the rides close down during the main firework show and the lines get shorter. So you’ll be able to get on your favorite faster if you skip the fireworks. Plus majority of the people leave after the fireworks

If you're doing multiple days, have a chill day
If you're doing more than two days, schedule a chill relax day in between. There are tons of other things to do in Orlando. trust me, you'll thank me later.

Coupons and Discounts
Check groupon, or talk with the hotel, resort or time-share you're staying at for discounts on food, shuttles, and complementary passes. 

Hope you enjoyed this post!!!

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Let me know if you have ever been to Disney and what some of our rules are in the comments below!!

Stay Gold

Until Next Time............................

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