All This and Heaven Too || #glitteradventures || 2017

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hey Babes,

Today I left for my trip and It was kind of poetic actually. My first ever international flight taking off to Florence and the Machines “All this and heaven too”. It wasn’t one of those staged moments, where you dramatically put on the most gut wrenching song to a life changing moment while blissfully staring out the window. No, it was one of those moments where put my entire song library on shuffle and began to mentally prepare myself for the anxiety that was going to hit me full force. But then the song came on, and I remembered every reason I came on this trip. All my worries faded away, and I just smiled like a dork. Because in that moment, there was no where else I would rather be; and as Florence once said: 

“I would give all of this and heaven too

I would give it all if only for a moment” 

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Stay Gold

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