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Saturday, June 03, 2017

Hey Babes,

London has been absolutely amazing so far and today was by far the best. At this point, I've seen almost everything that London has had to offer and there was nothing immediate I wanted to do. Since it was a beautiful sunny day though, I thought that I would get some food and lay out in the park. Because there's so many parks in London, it was hard to choose which one to go to but I wanted to go to one I hadn't been to  or near before. I planned on doing a little shopping when I was done with that, so Hyde Park seemed the most appropriate. Its connected to Kensington Gardens AKA Kensington Palace.  It was a perfect day to sit out and relax.

Once I finished with that, I made my way to Primark on Oxford and the Kate Spade. I absolutely love Primark. I've never been to one before even though they just opened one up in Staten Island, NY. This one of course was ridiculously huge but I loved it. I just wish there were less people lol. 
I then made my way to Kate Spade because since being in Europe, I realized that I don't have a proper wallet for all of the coins that I have. The ladies in there were wonderful as always and I was able to find exactly what I needed. 


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