Last Day in London || #GlitterAdventures || 2017

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Hey Babes,

So for my last day in London, I knew I had to do something rather than just pack. I decided to go back to Kensington Gardens to explore a little bit more since I didn't really the last time. First of all, it's a lot bigger than I thought. Like a lot a lot lol. It took me forever just to walk from one place to another. But it is beautiful. 

I sat for a little on the grass and ended up accidentally falling asleep, but none of the geese bothered me or pooped on me so it was ok. Afterwards I was very hungry since I only had a light breakfast. I made my way to Portobello markets since I had heard so much about it. It was as cool as I thought it would be and I am so glad that I went. I ended up eating at a place called Gourmet Burger and walked around for a little bit. I didn’t do as much as I did the other days because I was so tired and really needed to get ready for my next destination. 

Check out my pictures from the day:  

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